Friday, 6 September 2013

How to Get Back Permanently Deleted Files

If you are reading this then you may have come across a situation when you have accidently deleted important files permanently (using shift + delete) or empty your recycle bin,
Generally people think that files once deleted permanently can not be recover !! But it’s not true.. Fortunately you can get it back and that also within few seconds.

 How’s it possible??

When you delete something (using shift + del) ,you don’t actually  delete the data itself but rather you delete the link to that data..and because the link has been deleted the operating system believe that data has been delete and thus shows space available on the hard drives. And until you overwrite that disk with something else there is good chances of getting it back.

Here I am gonna show you how to get it back.

There are many data recovering software, like restoration test disk and  recuva . Here i will be using recuva to show you how to do that…


1. Open up web browser and download recuva and after downloading is finished, install it.2. Now open recuva (you have run it as administrator) and set the search location to all drives on your computer, removable media only .for quick result provide the path name.
3. Then narrow your search type to pictures, music, documents, video, emails etc and clicks on scan.

RecuvaRecuva interface

4. It will start scanning, select the data you want back and click recover .
And that’s it  within few sec you will get your data back!!
If you have permanently deleted files STOP USING THAT COMPUTER IMMEDIATELY, don’t overwrite that drive. the longer you take to run the recovery program lesser will be chances of getting it back. Securely remove, corrupted data are less likely to be recover . Although this data recoverty software is widely available, don’t take chances in future. It’s always good to have a back up of imp data in your computer as well as external storage.

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