Friday, 6 September 2013

How to Install Android Applications and Games in Windows PC

Hello readers, how are u all today, i think you all are right. So whats in the menu today. I know all of you have seen android phones and also you must have seen some cool applications andgames for android phones. But you can’t play those games and use those applications as  you don’t have android phone. I know the games and application available on Android phone are really cool and everyone wants to play and use them. But if a user don’t have an android phone, then what he can do? No problem at all. Today I am going to tell about a simple trick to Install Android Applications and Games in Windows. Whats the trick? OK not taking so much time and revealing the secret. The trick is to install all the android applications and games on your windows PC and use them. Isn’t it sounds great. I am sure now you are really excited and want to know about this really amazing trick. OK so lets go for the trick.

Advantages of Reading This Tutorial

1.) Its obvious that if you don’t have an android phone. This tutorial will help you to install and play android games on your PC. So need to buy a new android phone to do so. Just make your PC an android phone and start playing games on it.
2.) There are many applications present on internet that if you download them and use it on your android phone. It can create some problems on your android phones. So it will be better to first check the application on your PC and then use it on your android phone.
3.) Applications can be synchronized between your device and your PC.
4.) All your favorite applications can be stored on your PC using this.
There are many ways to use Android on your Window PC. But personally i like this that i am going to tell because its absolutely free.

Steps to Install Android Applications and Games in Windows

1.) First thing you need to do is to download bluestacks
2.) A downloading client will be downloaded first. Now double click that downloading client. It will take some time to download full application so have patience. Now after it gets fully installed you are ready to Install Android Applications and Games in Windows.
3. Now simply just download and install any application or games on BlueStacks and enjoy.

What is BlueStacks?

In simple words if we talk about this software and what it does. Then it is a virtual player. That runs android applications and games on your Windows or Mac PC.

How to Synchronize Mobile Application Using BlueStacks Cloud Connect

1.) Open up the BlueStacks application you have just installed.
2.) Click on the Settings button at the right end.
3.) Now choose the first option from the list “Cloud Connect”.
4.) A box will open just click yes and then click on next.
5.) Just enter your Email Address, your Mobile Number and click on Register.
6.) Now you will get an Email from BlueStacks including a Pin number.
7.) Now its time to do some work on your android mobile. Just go to the Google Play and search for BlueStacks.
8.) Download and install that application.
9.) Open the application and enter the pin you just received.
10.) That’s all now you can sync any application on android mobile phone with your PC.

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