Friday, 6 September 2013

Share PC Internet Connection With Your Android Phone Via USB

OK guys now this is my second post for today, now what i will be going to tell you? I am going to tell you about a simple trick that will help you to Share PC Internet connection that you used to connect with your LAN, with your Android phone using USB that is also known as reverse tethering. Now the first question that will strike in your mind is that what is need of this trick if I can simple Share PC Internet Connection using Connectify or any other software and then simply use that on my android phone by connecting to that WiFi. Yes you can do that but what will you do if you are on PC, that is not having any WiFi. Now you got my point. This trick is very useful if you don’t have WiFi and still wants to Share PC Internet Connection.

What is Tethering?

Basically if you use Android phone you will be much aware of this term. Tethering is a process to share internet connection of your Android phone with your PC. Tethering can be done in two ways.
1.) Via USB
2.) Via WiFi
When you tether your internet connection on Android phone through USB then it is known as USB tethering. And when you tether your internet connection on Android phone through WiFi then it is known as WiFi hotspot.
As i told you previously that if you have WiFi router or WiFi laptop at your home, then you can easily connect to internet using your Mobiles WiFi. But if you neither having WiFi router nor WiFi laptop. Then you can’t share you Internet connection with your phone.

What You Need to Share PC Internet Connection With Android Phone?

Sometimes we don’t have internet connection on our android phone. This trick will help you to have a working Internet connection on your phone.

What is Reverse Tethering?

Reverse tethering i s a process that allows your android phone to connect to the internet of PC using USB. The process is reverse of USB tethering, that’s why it is known as Reverse Tethering.


1.) Rooted Android Phone with Superuser installed.
2.) A desktop or laptop with working internet connection.
3.) USB drivers of your Android Phone.

Steps For Reverse Tethering

1.) Enable USB debugging in your Android Phone by going Settings>>Application>>Development>>USB Debugging.
2.) Install the drivers of your android phone and connect it to your PC with USB.
3.) Download latest Reverse Tethering Package by clicking following image.

4.) Extract the downloaded package in a folder.
5.) Now navigate inside the extracted folder and you will see a file named as AndroidTool.exe.
6.) Run AndroidTool.exe and click on Refresh Button that will be given in front of Select a device.
7.) The device connected to the PC will be shown in the spinner in front of Select a device. Choose your Android device from there.
8.) After you select your device in the spinner. Just click on connect. This will install the required files needed for reverse tethering in your android phone.
9.) Now superuser will ask you for your permissions to use USB tunnel. Just allow this.
10.) If this prompt will not come by itself just open the USB Tunnel application installed on your phone. It will now ask for superuser permissions.
Now if all goes right you will be able to Share PC Internet Connection and access on your android phone.
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