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15 ways to Download YouTube videos online for free

                                   15 ways to Download YouTube videos online for free

YouTube is worlds No.1 website to watch online videos. 1000's of videos are getting uploaded each and every hour on YouTube. There are many YouTube addicts who used to spend, a hell lot of time by watching videos. Frankly speaking even i am an YouTubeaddict. But the sad thing here is YouTube wont provide and DOWNLOAD option in default to download videos from it. There are many ways to Download videos from YouTube Videos. I saw many people  facing problems while downloading. So i though to suggest some good ways by making some series of videos on DOWNLOADING YOUTUBE VIDEOS. In this post i will let you know about the different sites that will allow you to Download YouTube videos online for free. Here you go...

TOP 15 Sites to Download YouTube Videos online.

By using all the below mentioned websites, you can Download YouTube videos online in a similar manner, first you need to copy the YouTube video link and you have to submit in the below mentioned websites to download that particular video.

NOTE : Most of the websites works only if JAVA is installed in your PC. so first you need to install JAVA on your PC. You can download the JAVA from its official website from the below link.

Install Java to Download you-tube videos online

1.  KEEP VID  - Online Youtube Video downloader

Keed Vid is the most popular site used to Download Videos on the internet. Not only from YouTube you can also download Videos from many other online sites using the this.But your PC must have JAVA enabled to download the YouTube videos.This website looks so simple but works very effectively.


SAVEVID website will also show you many trending and popular videos on the internet. It will show you huge list of videos, you can browse using the categories section and you can download any video instantly. To download YouTube videos you can use the input box on the homepage where you have to enter the YouTube Video link.

3.  CATCH VIDEO - Download online videos

As the name itself says you can catch ( download ) any YouTube video using this. You need not to paste the YouTube video link in the input box. It will automatically copies the Video link from your clip board and will make your work even easier. To Download YouTube videos online from this website you should have java installed and enabled on your PC.


Normally all the YouTube Videos will be in .flv format when you download them using any of the website. But many devices that we use don't support .flv files and hence we again have to use some Video converting software's to convert them into other formats. How awesome it would be if you can directly convert them online to any format that you link and then can download it, so that it will be easier you. You CLIP CONVERTER website first you can convert the YouTube video in to formats like MP3,MP$,WAV,AVI,MOV...Etc. 

5.  IX CONVERTER - Convert Online Videos

IX converter is also an awesome online converter where you can download YouTube videos online after converting them into other formats of your wish. Yon can even Download just the MP3 part of your YouTube video( High Quality) just by entering the URL in the Home page. Select the format before clicking on the download Button.

This is a simple websites which allows you to download YouTube videos Online for free, Even for this website you need to have Java enabled on your PC. if you haven't downloaded it yet. You can download it from the above given link at the top of the post.


This website will allows you to Download YouTube Videos online in different formats, You can even download the Videos in 3GP ( most widely used mobile format) directly by using this website. This works really fine and performs conversation fastly.


Using this website you can even download videos from the different other online video sites like Dailymotion,megavideo...etc.


11. Y TUBE3 - Convert YouTube Videos 


13. FLV2MP3

14. SAVE VIDEO - Donaload YouTube Videos online

Due to some reasons this Website is down for few days. Ignore this website and you can use the other websites instead.


So,Now you can choose any of the above mentioned site and you can start downloading all your favorite websites instantly from YouTube using these online resources.

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