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Best 5 apps to download Torrents on Android

              Best 5 apps to download Torrents on Android

Every one of us use to download hell lot of things from the torrents as torrents are the huge source of all the data like music, movies, games, software’s …Etc. There are many Torrent clients available for PC’s running on Windows and MAC operating systems. In this post I will let you know about How to download torrents on Android devicesusing some of the Best Torrent clients that are also available for Android. In this post I will give you a list of best Torrent clients that can installed on Android mobiles and Devices.

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1.  tTorrent - Torrent Client for Android

Average app rating: 4.5/5
App size: Varies with the device

Download it from [ HERE ]


tTorrent is the most downloaded Android Torrent client. It works very fine with all version of the Android. The size of this application depends upon the version of the Android. Using this you can eve limit the downloading and uploading speeds. It even supports proxies. The free version of this Application comes with ads and speed limit of 250/kbps. If you want to get more speed and without ads then you can move to Pro version of this application.

2. µTorrent - Torrent App for Android

Average app rating: 4.3/5
App size: 2.5 MB

Download it from HERE ]


I normally use µTorrent on my Pc to download all torrent stuff. µTorrent also works fine Android. Almost all the required options are provided for this Android App too. There is not Speed limit in the Torrent client. You can download as many as torrents with the maximum speed. It even has “Wi-Fi ONLY MODE”, which will let your Android device to download only when you are connected to Wi-Fi network.

3. FrostWire

Average app rating: 3.6/5
App size: 5.9 MB

Download it from [ HERE ]


FrostWire has a good looking user interface. It has a built in music player and even we can watch live TV using this Android application. Using this you can share the files with your PC’s and laptops. Actually this app is first available of PC’ and later released for Android devices.

4. BitTorrent - Torrent App for Android

Average app rating: 4.3 /5
App size: Varies with the device

Download it from HERE ]


Bit Torrent also don’t have and speed and downloading limit. It is completely a free application to download torrent files on Android. From the search option it provides, you can search content can get them easily. Bittorrent also supports Wi-Fi only mode. This is also compatible with many version of Android.

5. aTorrent – Torrent for Android

Average app rating: 4.3/5
App size: 3.6 MB

Download it from [ HERE ]


Smart Torrent comes out with few options like Proxy Support, Wi-Fi only mode, Limit downloading speed and Port configuration. You can also change the destination folder to save your downloaded files. You can enjoy unlimited data download and speed even with this application

So, these are 5 best Torrent clients available on the Android market to download torrents using Android devices. Pick anyone among them and start Downloading your Favorite stuff !!

I tried to add all the working Torrent clients in the list, let me know if i missed any through the comments.

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